Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas tree Arduino Shield with WS2812b

Christmas tree Arduino Shield with WS2812b 

The circuit consists of 20 WS2812 leds, and a piezo buzzer, creating a nice show of multicolored lights while playing 'Jingle Bells'.
A pcb shaped Christmas Tree, is 'plant' directly on the Arduino, without requiring additional cables.
Adafruit Neopixel library is used for control de RGB leds WS2812.

This is de video:

Link [Christmas tree Arduino Shield with WS2812b ]

Monday, November 11, 2013

Parking with Arduino for toy cars

Miniature car parking, controlled by Arduino

Do you like toy cars?. Want to make a fun toy for kids?
Then do not miss this fun Arduino project.
An Arduino (of course), a servo, resistors, and 7-segment display, only this need (good and work for it a bit for parking), to have a real garage-controlled seats.
A few simple sensors made of foil, are responsible for detecting the entry and exit of cars, raising the bar and counting the seats.
Simple and ingenious!

Enlace Arduino Parking Lot ]

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Arduino 'Space Invaders' on a 16x2 LCD

The legendary game 'Space Invaders' played on an Arduino, and 16x2 LCD 

Arduino Space Invaders

Only one Arduino, an HD44780 LCD 16x2 characters , a buzzer and Wii Nunchuk adapter, are required to recover the legendary game 'Space Invaders'.
The game is controlled from a Nunchuk, and difficulty changes as the game progresses, increasing speed and changing the type of 'invader'.
The game consists of a series of invaders that moves on the top line, and our spacecraft is controlled from the Nunchuck (movements and shot) on the line below. The buzzer is responsible for the 'special effects'

Enlace [ Arduino LCD game Project  ]

Christmas Tree Arduino Shield

Arduino shield, shaped as Christmas tree !!!

Arduino shield, shaped as Christmas tree

A simple prototype board, shaped like fir, turned into a 'Shield' to Arduino.
The circuit can not be simpler, just a few LEDs, a resistor and a connector to link directly to the Arduino board.
A simple code makes the LEDs will change and creating a Christmas effect.
Perfect to have it on your desk and take a Christmas touch work area.

Link [ Arduino Christmas Tree ]

Thursday, November 7, 2013

WI-FI Arduino Radio

Internet Arduino Radio

A complete Wi-Fi Radio based on an Arduino Mega.
Raffi has reused his old box Yamaha radio, to build a very complete WI-FI Radio.
The project consists of a TL-WR703N router, a USB stick, USB sound card, an Arduino Mega, a Ethernet module enc28j60 , IR receiver, 16 × 2 LCD and some components.
The result is stunning!.
The firmware of the router TL-WR703N, has been replaced by OpenWRT, and also installed a MDP server.
The Arduino Mega is connected to the router via ethernet enc28j60 module, and allows send commands and receive station information for display on the LCD.
As the router runs an MDP, is accessible via Web, either via a PC or through a android mobile phone.

Link [RadioduinoWRT]